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We breed our registered Shetland Sheep to achieve a spotted phenotype, which provides a unique characteristic to this already niche breed.  Because of our small scale, we can easily focus on achieving our genetic goals.  We sample the wool coats of each sheep to determine its quality on an annual basis.  See our test results on the The Shetland Flock page.  Since our flock is small, we rarely have sheep, lambs, or wool for sale.  When they do come for sale, we will post them below.  

2014 Lambs for Sale

Zeke - Meeka's Ram Lamb (Wether/Castrated Male) - Moorit - $150

Orion - Lemon's Twin Ram Lamb  (Wether/Castrated Male) - Moorit - $150

Windflats Halley
NASSA#: S39603                             Flock Tag: MN42142-0137
Sex: Ewe                                          DOB: May 11, 2014, Twin

Color: Moorit                                    Markings: Smirslet, Sokket
Dam: OK Acres Reba                      Sire: Crosswinds Thor
Dec 2014 Wool Score
Mic Ave:21.5  SD:4.3  CV Mic:19.9  CF%: 98.3%

Windflats Luna
NASSA#: S39600                             Flock Tag: MN42142-0134
Sex: Musket                                     DOB: April 25, 2014, Twin

Color: Gray                                      Markings: Sholmet, Sokket
Dam: AnnasFluff Fuchia                  Sire: AnnasFluff Ginkgo
Dec 2014 Wool Score
Mic Ave:27.8  SD:7.14  CV Mic:25.6  CF%: 68.8%

Windflats Gemini
NASSA#: S39599                             Flock Tag: MN42142-0133
Sex: Ewe                                          DOB: May 5, 2014, Twin

Color: Moorit                                    Markings: Smirslet, Sokket
Dam: BluffCountry Daphie               Sire: AnnasFluff Ginkgo
Dec 2014 Wool Score
Mic Ave:22.7  SD:6.4  CV Mic:28.1  CF%: 86.3%

Windflats Apollo
NASSA#: S39597                            Flock Tag: MN42142-0131
Sex: Ram                                        DOB: May 12, 2014, Single  

Color: Black                                     Markings: Sokket, Fronet
Dam: Minwawe Do Si Do                Sire: AnnasFluff Ginkgo
Dec 2014 Wool Score
Mic Ave:26.2   SD:8.2  CV Mic: 31.3  CF%: 74.2%

Rams for Sale 
None for sale at this time.


Ewes for Sale 
None for sale at this time.
Wool & Fleece for Sale
We breed for quality wool, which is what Shetland Sheep are famous for producing.  See some of our wool test results on our Shetland Sheep page.  We are taking pre-orders for 2015 wool, now.  We will be sheering our sheep in mid April.  Here is a link to our 2014 wool for sale.
Sheep & Wool Order Form

Thanks for your interest in Windland Flats Shetland Sheep & Wool  Please fill out the below information and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.  Sheep & wool  may not always be available, but we will work with you to add you to our waiting list if needed as well.

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